Why UV Light for cannabis?

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Sep 3, 2021
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Research shows UV Light May Increase Trichome Density, THC Content, Flavonoids and Inhibit Mold and Fungal development. Outdoors, about 10% of the sun’s light is ultraviolet. When UV light hits a leaf, the plant makes “sunscreen” to protect itself from damage. Plants produce many different types of sunscreen. Some of these sunscreens are physical, like trichomes, and some of them are chemical, like anthocyanins and beta-carotene. They protect the plant by reflecting away the harmful UV rays. In cannabis, these trichomes are the site of THC and CBD storage.

UV, specifically UVB is known to damage protein and nucleic acids in plant cells, causing decreased metabolism and decreased a number of flowers. Therefore, much of the research recommends adding UV at the end of flowering. Research shows that applying UV light for 6 hours per day, at the end of flowing can increase Δ9-THC content by 28%!!

Aside from increasing THC content, UV wavelengths can change the color, flavor, and smell of a plant. These changes in color, flavor, and smell often make plants more appealing to humans, but more toxic to some insects. Plants with increased levels of these flavor/smell compounds are less likely to get eaten by insects! Lastly, there is strong evidence that UV wavelengths light prevents the spread and severity of fungal spores. Ultraviolet light is useful for more than just increasing THC content!!

UVA and near-ultraviolet light (315-400nm) have the longest wavelengths of UV light and can be very beneficial to plant development. UVA has also been shown to increase the amounts of THC, CBD, and terpene production in cannabis plants, without the negative effects of UVB. Wavelengths in the UVA spectral range are included in the absorption spectrum, particularly in the 380nm range. The absorption spectrum is the range of wavelengths of light that are absorbed by green chlorophyll for photosynthesis. Additionally, research has shown that exposing plants to UVA light can also inhibit mold growth and fungal development.
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