Worm Casting Farm Members?

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Those lines hanging from tree limbs over rivers was what grandfather called a jump line. He would catch frogs or perch and tie them where they where barley in the water and spalshing around. Catfish would come up and pow. when you go to check your lines you could see it bending into the water. I loved checking those and the trot Lines. Nothing like reaching under the water grabbing that line and feeling the tug of the Catfish on that long ass trot line. We also used Tangle nets and hoop nets.
Best brands of worm castings on Amazon? Been busy today with some other planting chores besides pot stuff and gotta order castings and a few other things I grabbed this today garden center picking up seeds and bag of dirt for the new seeds that I'm waiting to arrive from Big and the site.....

Other stuff picked up to grow
I am kind of glad to see this subject brought up because I have never seen anyone on here ever mention that they put worms directly in their pots and just let them live there the whole time the plants are growing.
The question has kind of been on my mind due to a conversation I had with an Amish gentleman several years ago.
I don’t guess it is any secret that the Amish are pretty passionate about their gardening, and one thing that stuck with me from that conversation is the fact that he told me one of the secrets to having a successful garden was the amount of earthworms per square foot of soil.
The Amish, according to him, strive to have plenty of worms in their soil.
I really don’t know if worms would thrive very well in soil that has had all the nutrients and amendments we regularly add, versus the Amish who are probably a little more organic than we are.
Still, it’s food for thought.
Yep i dont think the worms would like chemical ferts.
Sounds interesting probably some truth to it. I heard coffee grounds are good and I know the owner of the coffee shop in the used to be small town closest to me since I was a kid family friend and he gets lots of business idk probably way over 100 cups every morning and talked to him said I could have all the old grounds gonna bring him a nice trashcan I'm not using with a top and foot petal that can be out by the machines and said he'd tell the girls working for him to fill it up and I'll pick up the bags from him every week about to have food central for them. Was wanting to ask someone that's experienced in it a couple things
I dump my coffee grounds on my lawn. Have for years since I read worms love coffee grounds. I have noticed this year in particular I have thousands of worm casting mounds in my yard(probably 10+ per square foot in areas closest to my door which coincides with my unscientific spray pattern of carpet bombing my yard with coffee). I have also seen an uptick in robin activity. Worms love coffee grounds, robins love worms…

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