Worred about a random drug test

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Oct 30, 2005
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I am currently deal with random drug tests and last night I took only one hit off a bowl and got a little high but i was very drunk so im not sure if i even got high but i did get the spins... Anyways, should i even worry about the thc being in my system after only one hit?
pee in your hand and if its purple then you got thc in your system....

just kidding dude

hows your metabolism? does stuff go through your system fast? slow? Do you gain weighted easily? thats one way to tell if you have a fast or slow metabolism. Everyone's different, but i'd LIKE to say that you shouldn't have that high of an amount of THC in your system after only one hit...but hey, i might be wrong.
depends on how much u have smoked lately---if u have been clean for 6 wks or so , if u were a heavy user, and u took one hit, i would not think u would fail

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