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May 18, 2011
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Hey all, new grower, learning, and searching the web for info I stumbled in here. Been reading lots of useful info.
My 1st grow in progress is a GDP clone, and a Sweet tooth clone. About 4 weeks in and the GDP is starting to flower. From what I've been finding I probably just got them outside too soon in the season. Now that its about the right time, I'm going to grab a few more to start also.
Hoping the 2 I have now will flower and re-veg for harvest in the fall. We'll see.
Anyhow, glad to find this place. Looking forward to reading a lot more info.

Welcome to the site,

We like to suggest a comfortable chair, something cool to sip, and relax, chill, get ready to read some amazing stuff as you will find this place is much akin to a Living Library.

Take a few moments to peruse the site rules. You will find the rules are easy to abide with, and we all work hard to live in peace with each other here.

So pull up that chair,
and Oh-Yeah here hold this--->:48:

again welcome my friend, do enjoy yourself, and should you have any questions, please feel free to sing out, and you will get plenty of responses.

smoke in peace
hola stoney, :yeahthat: enjoy read have fun & :D. oh ya post lots of pics of what your growing.
Thanks for the welcome. My 2nd or 3rd post already broke the rules. After reading more, my sailor mouth spouted out and got ****'d. Totally not intentional, but I'll put my "sensor" on in the future. No harm, no foul. Look forward to hanging out and learning. :D

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