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Jan 18, 2020
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Here, been banned everywhere else
I loved both Reno and Vegas back in the day. Now the corporations run things and it isn't the same. Haven't been there in years and probably won't go back.

Happy Plantz

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Apr 4, 2022
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Queensbury NY
Ok I think I finally got it I hope it uploads. Congratulations Pute. I am currently away for the weekend but will get in contact with you as soon as I return Sunday night. I will try to pm you a updated list from my phone.


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Apr 7, 2006
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East Coast
Mmm man scrolling threw this few pages ago got me a little paranoid but then I remembered I really don't give a fcck I live at 420 fcck you lane my names Dizzy don't make me make you dizzy lol congrats PuTe what did he win?


Jul 15, 2021
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Hi guys and gals, My name is Travis and I am the owner of Happy Plantz. First off I want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family on here. I know a new name and face in the decades old game is tough for some to allow. Especially with all the ongoing scams that happen daily it gives someone like myself trying to start and run a legitimate business a bad name. So to help get my face out there I plan to be hosting at least a bi-weekly giveaway on here. I also run a Facebook group, business page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I participate on discord as well. I am a very loyal person and in no way want to drive anyone from this community. But I'm going to assume most of you also use some form of these social media accounts. Once I am out of Facebook jail in a couple weeks I will be back to weekly giveaways on my Facebook group. The discord server is my friend and colleagues I host random Giveaways on there.

So to enter all one needs to do is comment on this post. You will be allowed 1 entry per person. This is not limited to location I will ship world wide and like it says it is a giveaway so no shipping costs. I will use the www.wheelofnames.com website to do the drawing. I will shuffle the names 3 times and the first name spun is the winner. I don't know how to go live on here and like I stated I'm in Facebook jail for 13 more days so for this drawing it may have to be taped but going forward all Giveaways will be done on Friday nights at 10PM EST live on my Facebook group Happy Plantz Growing Community.
So as far what's up for grabs let's make it decent. I'm going to offer 2 not 1 but 2, 3 packs of "The New Guy" genetics of your choosing (based on availability).
Drawing for this one held on 5/13/22 @ 10PM EST
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The Sugar Cane is from In-House, Gorilla Punch and Platinum Rambo are from Tarantula, Early Lemon Berry is from Ethos and the Blue Gelato is from Barneys Farm. The Auto Flowers are mostly Fast Buds.
Awsome!!!! Great new member benefits. Thanks

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