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May 30, 2005
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alright im movin to denver here in like 2 months i live in wyoming now when i get to denver im gonna start growin and bringin it back to my home town cause the town never has good buds runnin around.... anyways i wanna know where the best place to buy some seeds is i wanna send cash cause im only 15 and i aint got a credit card so anyone know somethin tell me

Are you under the impression that you can grow pot outside whenever it suits you?
Do some reading; pot is an annual; it dies in the fall.
If you plant seeds "in 2 months" (Aug. 1) you won't grow much pot since that's only 2 weeks of veg before the plant goes into flowering.
In those 2 weeks your plants will be about 6" tall and you might get a few joints out of each one, if you're lucky and spend lots of time and $ buying potting soil/nutrients and amending the soil.

Plant in the spring.

P.S. Are you aware you have to be 18 or over to be here?
If you grow it indoors you're gonna put whoever you live with's liberty (and finances) in jeapordy, since they are responsible for whatever goes on in their residence.
Wait until you get your own place before you grow inside.
Until then, grow in the woods.
I second what Guru said. Wait till you are responsible for yourself. Then, do what you like. Dont destroy the lives of your parents and/or falimy over something stupid like drugs.
im movin to denver wit my sister who is gonna help me grow in our house see my parents r fuckin assholes and we cant live here anymore so we got a pretty nice place in denver im gonna start growin so i dont gotta spend anymoney on pot and i can sell it for more $$ anyways but thanks for tryin to look out for me

anyways i already ordered my seeds from dr.chronic should come in soon strain is grapefruit sounds real nice... any advice on growin grapefruit??

I see.
You're 15 years old and you're gonna be a dope dealer.
i grew up a lil bit too quick man r u gonna gimme any advice or what
i got a fuckin job and i skate all the time im gonna live on my own in 2 months
I already gave you advice.
Btw, you say you have "a ******* job" and "skate all the time."
So you don't go to school?

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