4 weeks flower

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Jun 27, 2005
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These plants are 4 weeks into flowering. (Hydro, NFT system). Lower, smaller buds are starting to turn brown, and with a magnifier (@100x), the trichs are looking a little cloudy. Main colas are still for the most part all white. Anyone out there ever harvest the lower, smaller branch buds early to sample? Good or bad idea?
I'd like to have a mix of bud that gives both a cerebral/up high, and one that just bakes me horizontal. This is my first grow and harvest, so I'm trying to time it as well as possible. I was planning on flushing with pH balanced water about a week prior to harvest.
(sorry for the poor quality on the photos, will try to get more with flash)

9weeks3days 001.jpg

9weeks3days 002.jpg

9weeks3days 003.jpg

9weeks3days 004.jpg
"These plants are 4 weeks into flowering."
Do you mean that you switched the light to 12/12 4 weeks ago or the buds started to form 4 weeks ago?
I grow for my own personal use, and I harvest some buds when the bud hairs are 40%--50% color changed, and other when they are 75% color changed.
The early one's tend to give me an up high, the later one's more couch-lock.
Light was switched to 12/12 4weeks ago. Buds started to form rapidly at one week post. Company I bought the seeds from said flowering time for the strain was 6-8weeks. Some fan leaves up top are yellowing fast recently. Just wondering if this is normal or if it may indicate pH or other issue?
Mojo yellowing leaves are ok, don't worry. It looks good.
Thanks Biz---something tells me this is going to be some killer kind bud, it already has the sweetest aroma.
Looks awesome for your first grow.
Thanks guys, couldn't have done it without a great deal of help from a lot of folks on this site---

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