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Feb 23, 2005
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whats up guys,,,hey one of my ballest is starting to make a loud humm,,,the ballest is about three yeras old ,,,is it about to die ,,,,,,is there any thing i can do ,,,,thanks in advance
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Sorry dude, if its a digi, that doesnt sound good, I would get ready to buy a new one.
yep ..sounds like Ballast is going out rasta..Mine came with a 5 year warranty...you can also take it to a grow shop and have it tested..Good luck

Had a magnetic ballast do that. still hums to this day and still fires up LOL It is more then likely the capacitor going. with mag ballasts you can just get the parts that are going. When they go they don't normally burst into flames...they just quit working. I would have some extra protection like a surge protector or GFCI outlet to ensure safety, but would run it until you can afford a new one.
The hum is from the laminations of the transformer, it wont hurt anything and is nothing to worry about if the noise is not a problem.

This is true only if its a magnetic (coil and core) ballast.
I agree with GD.

Not because I am an Electrician but because I am a Baker and knows nothing about electricity and have seen GD give hundreds of true knowlwdge.


i only run a mag ballast cause it isnt drawing interference like a digi will. mines almost 4 years old and hums a little too, but i cant hear it in the next room, so i let her ride...peace rasta...
like GrowDude says its just the way magnetic ballasts are. doesn't mean anything about it failing, ever hear a street light's hum? the hum comes from the metal plates they stack together for the transformer, the lamination between them melts/loosens and the plates vibrate together.

might try putting it on top of a mouse pad or other rubber-type padding. it will absorb most of the vibration & noise. you also can hang the ballast from bungie cords which basically does the same thing.

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