8x8 Autoflower Tent - First Grow

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I've been noticing my runoff water is coming back a lower ec than the water going in. I read that when this happens consistently over a few waterings, your supposed start feeding more times a day. Is this true guys? I feel like they can take more than 2 times a day. And the instructions for this aircube say I'm supposed to run the system 3-5 times a day in coco. Think I'm gonna go for 3 today.
I only run once. Twice a day in flower.
good luck with that , selling to dispensaries is a good gig if one can do it

we used to sell to colorado dispensaries 13 years ago , $4000 a pound all day long

it was heady driving around denver with 4-8 pounds and a real head rush walking out of those dispensaries with $10-20k in cash and no paper trails

but the days of the Colorado Green Rush are long gone and i doubt anyone gets $500 a pound nowadays , at leat not without breaking it all down and slinging 1/8’s and 1/4’s all month lol…

Oklahoma’s green rush is also over

who knows what state will be next

but yeah , one day weed is gonna be $10 buck a lid …..again!
That's why I could give two shits if Texas ever goes legal.
Day 28 starting to stretch a little bit...📈 Will update in a week! Thanks for the help!

Haha I wouldn't say that lesso! They are looking pretty good though! Seeing some frost on leaves already. Idk if this is normal but I'm here for it lol...

Day 29 Forgotten Strawberry from Mephisto.

Day 33 - Hey guys! Thought I'd update this thread since I've seen some significant growth the last couple days. You guys see anything that looks like it might be an issue or become an issue? How are things looking? Color look ok? Any signs of any obvious deficiencies? Hope everyone has a sweet ass weekend!

-Blaze on 🔥
Also got my veg tent set up today. Plan on making this 8x8 my flower tent. New grow journal incoming!
Got some more goodies that just popped up yesterday!
You're doing great. I don't see any issues from those pics
Hey guys I noticed some gnats flying around my coco this am! First time I've seen them. I want to get rid of them asap. I put some apple cider vinegar in cups in there...anything else I can do? About to head to home Depot, AGAIN, to pick up some fly tape....how harmful are these things? I have issues every summer in my house with these damn things....idk how they got in my tent already! Ahhhh!
I recommend sticky traps to keep the gnats at bay.
lost coast plant therapy will also help with several problems thru your grow including gnats and can also be used as a maintenance.
I think @WeedHopper has addressed gnats by coating a yellow hard hat with Vaseline. The yellow color attracts the gnats and they stick to the vaseline and die. I’ve seen people use that fly paper-like tape but I think that has chemicals that are not good. Diatomaceous Earth when dry will kill the bugs too but is useless once it is wet and can raise the pH(though I water with DE sometimes and it seems to strengthen the stalks and branches). Excess moisture is usually why people get fungus gnats but the horse is already out of the barn so to speak once you have them. Could be eggs were in the coco. I have had gnats in the past and watering less seemed to make them go away.

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