95 degrees

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Hungarian Gypsy

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Jun 2, 2011
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I'm probably gonna get scourged for this question :rolleyes:

I grow indoors. As soon as my male showed his "parts" I got him outta here. Started leaving him outdoors. I'm watering him and everything. He stays out 24 hr.s a day. He's thriving.

I'm letting my female get about 6 hours of natural sun light. My question is:
is 95 degrees, 6 hours direct sunlight gonna kill her? I've been doing her this way for a few weeks and she is thriving too. She seems to have gotten bushier faster. I just don't want to kill them with hot *** temps. :watchplant:
Do you grow indoors and sit her outside for natural sun light?

if so beware, you run the risk of infecting your indoor space with bugs.

i did this before, now i have a rule, if it goes outside, it stays there, not allowed back in.

95 is hot, if it were in the ground it would be one thing but in a pot i would be concerned with the roots getting to hot.
Thanks dman. I was kinda thinking the same thing. Just needed some guidance. :ccc:
Only 95? Lol.....today it is 99 with 75% humidity where I am at...my brown uniform is tiger stripped with salt stains.....:holysheep:
So much for the beach vacation ehh hammy..:eek:
Hick said:
So much for the beach vacation ehh hammy..:eek:

Lol...yeah I am thinking 85 on the beach in Negril wld suit me a lot better.
Worst part is I hve to listen to customers tell me to "stay cool"...lol. Like that is a possibility.
haahaha.. well, do your best hammy :D
Hate hot weather. Still no AC here. Many 1k's still being cooled from outside air. :)
Okay, so I brought my beloved baby girl in as soon as I talked to you guys. I don't know what I was thinking.........obviously thinking was not a good idea when I made the decision to put my baby in harms way.
I am with Irish on this.
The best looking plant I have grown just got chopped, 3ft tall with beatuiful leaves and structure, then balls appear. It broke my heart but had to be done. Cant have a random bloke messing up my hareem.

If you are keeping it to pollenate one of your girls, read the breeding guide then kill it, it not, kill it.

Imagine how the guy down the road with MS will feel when his meds get pollenated by pollen from this butch dude, how delighted and happy he will be finding loads of seeds and no THC because he couldnt afford a sealed unit ac system and that pollen wafted in on the breeze. Yep, he will be well happy.

Stay frosty dudes (stay frosty means stay chilled & cool Hammy 54 deg here in the middle of summer)
Yeah it's a bit rude to knowingly have a male sitting outside.

I was telling some frenz about how the "law" could save a lot of money just randomly placing horny males around well known grow areas instead of wasting all that money (that could support our weed needs! Haha) on helicopters etc.

They would never though, cuz then the weed they STEAL from us would be ruined.
I left the part out that as soon as I saw the male showing seeds, I immediately separated him from the female. I have him in the garage. She's in my room and about to be moved into her permanent home today. I guess I'll chop the old boy. Shame on him for being a male anyway!!!!

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