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I have begun a plant recently. It emerged from seed to sprout in roughly 48 hours. There are a few things that just seem to bother me, though why I am unsure at this point. First off and you will notice this, in the crappy quality pic below, is that one of the initial leaves (1st two after emerging from soil) is curving inward and working itself to almost a 90 degree angle. Not sure if this is normal or not. Second thing is how tall the stem became prior to any other leaves beginning (4 to 5 inches) .. again not sure as to how normal that may or may not be.

Finally, the plant doesn't seem to react to the flourescent lighting very well, aside from initial growth. It tends to have to be placed upon a window sill, in sunlight, prior to any significant changes, and will noticably curve itself in the direction of the sun in only an hour or two of exposure. Am I going to end up having to get an HPS light? I won't go MH due to their lower lifespan. One of the bulbs is a regular 40w flourescent, the other is some type of grow light that has a light purple hue to it, manufactured by General Electric. Both bulbs are the long (4 to 6 ft) bulbs.

The soil being used is a topsoil "Miracle Grow Garden Soil". Now I know that generally, Miracle Grow period is a bad thing..but the actual content of it within the soil is quite low. I do notice that the soil dries rather quickly, anywhere between 12 to 24 hrs all depending, after watering. Is this a good or a bad medium in your opinions? The container being used is one of those 2lb coffee containers, with holes cut in strategic places to allow drainage.

One last thing. Could I put this on a strictly daylight cycle and still get a decent yield? It becomes light around 7:30 to 8 am and lasts until 4 to 5 pm. Direct sunlight is usually between 9:30 am to 3 pm. I know that 12/12 is generally only for the budding stages late in growth but I was curious.


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The "seed leaves" (I can't remember the correct spelling of the "correct" term for them) are going to die and fall off, don't sweat them....

you need a minimum of 18 hours of light for decent vegging, and the lights you're attempting to use are 100% bad, go get 2 of the same type high output flouro tubes made specifically for vegging, they'r available at Home DeepBlow or the marts in the US......

If you go to 12/12 your plants will die, period..........

Good luck......

It's best to buy a HPS light and it will be well worth the investment. With fluro's you are limiting yourself and the yield will be a lot less then when you grow with HPS.

If you continue with fluro's then be sure to hang them as close to your plants as possible otherwise your seedlings will reachout and become very weak, with a very large stem.
thanks, I will have to stick to flouros for awhile .. starting capitol does not provide for the larger lights..just making bills at this point is a challenge. I have another emerging problem now though. The leaves ..lowest most, are beginning to yellow ...and toward their ends turn brown ... I've seen this frequently but am at a loss as to a solution.
Does hydro or does soil yeild more? Roughly how much will you yeild per plant in ounces if grown under a 400 hps hortilux, lets say we will be using a feminized plant called Super Girl.
i live in northern ny where all winter we depend on canada to supply us with killer bud all winter and indian res's so i and allot of my friends bought a lot of old phototrons and we have all started growing and my plant was put in on the 16th of oct and is 12 days in to the first 20 days of light and is 3 1/2 inches tall and is growing its third sets of leaves and really close to the second set but where all the leaves come from the plant there are like what i think are soon to be leaves to comeing from the croches of the leaves to the stalk that does not includethe water leaves i grew 3 plants outdoors and one what 8 feet tall and i yeilded 2 o/z's but am a newb at the phototron thing and also my plant already smells skunky! after the 20th day i will change my light cycle to 16 hours on and 8 hours off but i dont know for how long to do that cycle or the 12 on and 12 off cycle either is there anything i am missing i am also useing miracle grow moister control soil my chamber is about 3 feet tall and is a phototron 2 dont know how old and has three U shaped bulbs that are all matching in numbers i have my plant in a pot instead of in the dish that the phototron has in side it and i open the side on it every day and turn on a fan to circlulate air too is there anything else that i can do besides watch it grow to help it yeild killer budd i used a seed that a buddy bought in mexico this year with some others and the plant stinks bad all ready

just wanted some friendly advice as a newb

NorthernNYphototron said:
i live in northern n . . . :ignore: . . . i used a seed that a buddy bought in mexico this year with some others and the plant stinks bad all ready

just wanted some friendly advice as a newb


Some friendly advice: Start your own thread, don't hijack someone else's!
- leafminer
Adarious, your leaf symptoms are over-feeding with nutrients. The MG "soil" (it is not soil) has fertiliser built in. Really not good to use it. Also you are using tall flouros on a single plant! Insufficient light. If you get, say, four 23W compact fluoros and hang them from a pair of Y-adapters directly over your plant - like about 3" from the leaves - and place one of those reflective car sun-protectors around it to reflect all the light back at the plant, THEN you should start to see some serious improvements.
:yeahthat: doing an all cfl grow your welcome to check it out and read alot more, gl.
This thread is over 4-1/2 years old.

NorthernNY, I tried to read this, but it is all one long sentence, I couldn't tell where one thought started and the other one ended--it is just too hard to read. It would make it so much easier if you would write in sentences, use puncuation, and have paragraph breaks.

Phototrons really do not work well at all for growing pot.

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