amount of soil per hole/plant and cost?

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May 27, 2007
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I'm wondering how much soil I'm going to need per hole/plant outdoors?

As well as how much money?

If you could also express the relationship in similar terms as this example:

A 20 lb bag for $15 - 10 lbs per plant. $7.50 soil per plant.

That would be very helpful! I hope I'm not looking at 7.50 a plant :eek:
Too many variables .. Depending on 'your' choice, ir might be anywhere from $5-$20 p/bag.
You might mix your own and see a savings over all. But initial cost of all amendments might seem ecpensive.
If the native soil is relatively good, you might be able to mix it proportionately.
How energetic, able, or lazy as the case maybe, are you?.. A 4'x4' hole will require twice as much/twice the cost/twice the labor, as a 2'x2' hole. If you want BIG plant, you will need BIG holes.
Genius, pure genius Hick! :rolleyes: heh

I can get an entire yard of top soil for $40.00 where I live, that's like 2 truck loads.And half a yard would probably do me.

Top soil would do fine I'm supposing? What am I looking at mixing in to it?

The terrain where I live is pretty much considered rain forest. Even in the summer the hills stay lush and green with lots of vegetation. Rained A LOT this year, very cool summer. I'm glad I'm planting next year since this year would have sucked.

I'm a pretty skinny fellow (5'10-11" 145 lbs), but I'm good in the energy department. I'm also willing to go the extra mile to get good results.:D
Your gonna need more than a truck load of topsoil. You need to mix in something to keep it light. Compost, perlite peet moss etc. i mixed my own this yaer for 50 plants. Holes were about 2x2x2. On paper it saved some money, but the labor to mix and transport it all is something you need to account for. Next year its bales of promix easy solution.

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