Auto Roadrunner#2 week 5 stop smelling???

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Apr 30, 2011
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Hi there,

I would like if any of you lads could give me an opinion about my 3 Roudrunner.
It's my first grow, and I'm using a 250w Hps with Hydroponics. Cellmax Nutrients.
My set up is very simple... I have them in the attic, which is not hot at all.
They have been growing very nicely 'till the begining of this week.
one of them is 70cm tall, the others 2 around 40cm. It's been pretty cold those last days and the temp with light 20hours on is around 65 / 70 degree F , lights off 60degree F.
It looks like they stop smelling, n they r flowering. White hairs not getting any longer.. Also i have spot some kind of sacs,right in the middle of the branches. Is this ok?
How do they look like??
I have attached pics.
please, Any advise it's very wellcome!
Thank you guys for your time..:)



Your sacks do not look like balls to me. Crazy nutz paranoia around here. . lol

As for the other issues I'm not familiar enough with autos to comment.
No, those are not pollen sacs--they are calyx--perfectly normal.

How big is your space? What do you have for ventilation? How high is your light above your plant(s)? You look like you may have some stretch going on.

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