Bagseed -and- M vs F plants

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May 4, 2005
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I was wondering what is the best quality pot you can get from growing bagseed.

Also, how can you tell the difference from male and female plants.

you can get pretty good quality of bagseed, if it's female. A female can be recognized on her little hairs on every internode she starts to show when she flowers.

pic 1: female
pic 2: male


Early Female Identification.jpg

Early MALE identification.jpg
is there anyway to tell when they are still in earlier stages? and male plants are more for hash? or do they also have some bud on them.

a female usually has more leaves and branches. Males can be used for tincture or hash, but they don't produce buds, only the thc-crystals.

yep, looks like i have all females so far, like 5 not sure about other 7. Thanks alot man
While pre-flowers (in the pics above) can be an indication, it's not fool-proof.
Preflowers usually appear after 4--6 weeks, when the plant is sexually mature.
I've been growing pot for a looooong time, and I can't tell for sure until flowering begins, around late Aug. to early Sept. (in the northern hemisphere).
At this time, the males will grow "balls" (pollen sacs). They will appear all over the plant and are very noticeable. The males express sex before the females, which start to grow buds during week 3 of flowering.
Males can be processed to produce low-grade hash and/or happy butter.
Properly dried and cured, the leaves will also get you high when smoked, though not as much as buds, and it's a different type of high.
cool ganjaguru, i have one plant there is really wierd, im not sure if its pot or not. its dark green with the cotydils(sp.?) , and 2 sets of leaves. i thought that i might be a male plant growing really slow so i put i t in a pot so in case it was it woundnt try to screw my females.
You won't have to worry about pollination until Aug.
It takes approx. a week from when you first notice the balls before they open to release pollen. Rip them up before this happens.
the pictures are defintally male and female, AND in full flower, not pre-flowers. That said, I agree, Pre-flowers can be very deceptive even to the experienced eye.
so my plants should be ready by the end of summer if i planted them around 4 20?
late september to late october for most areas
I planted seeds back in March or thereabout. About 6 good plants came up and I had to transplant them to a less visible area. All of them are 2ft tall and look healthy. There is nary a flower on these beauties so far and they are growing together in a confined area. Should I expect some flowers in Aug or Sept? Should I check for male/female and separate?

Thanks for any input.
I have never grown outside before. So I couldnt tell ya when to expect flowering. But yes get the males out of there as soon as you can tel the diffrence between the two. Unless you want seeds.
I've been growing for decades and it's been my experience that 60%--65% of seeds chosen at random will produce females (unless stressed).
The plants will be similar to the pot they came from.
If you take good care of them, the pot will be BETTER than the buds they came from, if they came from commercially-grown pot.
is there a way to change a male plant to a female plant? if it is in early stages is it possible?
Adding a birth control pill to your water during germination is said to help feminize a seed. But there may be other adverse effects that I don't know about. So don't just jump right into that.

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