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Apr 4, 2005
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High Phosphorus 0.5-12-0.2 you guys think this is good to be mixed for seedings?
That's an amendment for plants during flowering.
For veg, you want a nutrient that is highest in N (nitrogen, the first #).
Although something like a 20-20-20 would be ok.
Phosphorus (P) is necessary for photosynthesis and works as a catalyst for energy transfer within the plant. Phosphorus helps build strong roots and is vital for flower and seed production. Highest levels of phosphorus are used during germination, seedling growth and flowering. Deficiencies will show in older leaves first. Leaves turn deep green on a uniformly smaller, stunted plant. Leaves show brown or purple spots.
Plants need N-P-K as well as minerals and micronutrients throughout their life.
Pot in vegatative growth need P, yes, but the demand/need for N is much greater.
The #'s you listed had very little N.
Pot needs very little N after the first 3 weeks of flowering.
fruit bats have P poo, insect bats have N poo, i like bat poo. the stuff is strong , you could mix up both, the plant will take what it needs when it wants, but only if it can. Bat poos do burn plants so cation my friend. i lasyt used King Guano, phillipino fruit bat shit. i followed the insrtuctions and all seemed well. until a deer or rabbit ate my plants. I cursed the gods..
I would not be FEEDING SEEDLINGS. Let your plants talk to you. Get them above ground, and growing and they need to begin showing signs of defficiency before you feed.

There is no need for you to try to rush things with a feeding at the seedling stage unless it's needed. Keeping a good grow journal will ensure you know when u fed, watered, ect.ect.

I don't feed until the cotyledons fall off the plants unless they absolutely need it.I wouldn't suggest you feed seedlings. it's not necessary and could cause problems.

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