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Jan 13, 2022
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First time grower attempting to finish first plant ever! A few details that may help others assess my current first grow. Originally had 2 plants in this tent but discovered the gifted Revolver seed was an Auto and moved to separate tent. This left me with the scrogged one plant currently in tent. Plant is Grand Daddy Purple grown from seed (seed bank based in California). Did some late LST as I learned about it as I went! Thought I knew more than I actually do! The more I learned about maximizing yield on the lovely plant, I confirmed I didn't know SQUAT about this plant!!!! So I scrambled to regain some control of the plant with stretchy trellis netting, adjustments in pH, nutrients, LST, HST, water, just about everything! Man, what a racket and learning curve but this is exciting! Looking forward to doing better and better...

10-20-21 - Seed germinated and planted in party cup.

Transplanted 3 times between solo party cup, 1 Gal, 3 Gal, and 7 Gal. plastic pots.

Used Botanicare Products:
* Pure Blend Pro (Veg)
* Cal-Mag (Veg)
* Silica Blast (Veg)
* Great White Mycorrhizae
* Pure Blend Pro Bloom Formula (Bloom)
* Cannazym and Canna Boost (Bloom)
* Ph adjusted RO water
* Soil includes Hydrofarm Light Warrior Soilless Mix for clones and seedlings
* Fox Farm Ocean Forest and worm castings for all other potted plant stages.

General equipment:

* Lighting: Spider Farmer S2000
* 2x4x6 grow tent
* AC Infinity Air Fan and Filter
* CO2 tank with solenoid valve and Autopilot meter aiming for (1200 ppm)



Grow updates coming soon.


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Howdy Pute,

I would have to be the worst at coming up with a forum character name. I sat and thought for a couple of minutes! I glanced over at the TV displaying channels and programming. Among the mix was the animated series 'Bob's Burgers' where I jumped on 'Bob Has Burgers' for the name.
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Thank You all for your comments! Always good to receive constructive criticism and general pointers.
Well this is where this first time grower ends up at this stage. You can't undo anything to make it right but certainly noted what to do next grow.
Updates soon.

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It's been suggested this first plant might yield 6 to 8 ounces? I'm actually excited to see that happen despite others getting a pound out of nothing. Well if it makes it to harvest, we'll get a weigh in after curing for sure.

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