? best germinating method

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Jun 27, 2005
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My grow room is set and I hope to see my seeds soon. Been reading as much as possible on how to germinate and get things started, just wondering if there is one method that is considered the best overall. The wet paper towel method seems to be one of the most popular, but I've heard of sprouting right in the rockwool as well.

The "grow guide" that was sent with my new hydro set-up (please see my earlier post here: "newbie needs a critique") tells me I should soak the rockwool overnight in water balanced to 5.5 pH, place the seed in a hole in the rockwool and place the rockwool cubes in the pots and turn on the NFT water flow system.

Instructions also say to go ahead and turn on the light at this point. They say to keep CF lights 12 inches above the rockwool, and HPS lights 4 feet above. I will be starting with a MH 400w "conversion" bulb that works in a 400w HPS ballast, then going to the 400w HPS when flower stage is reached. With the MH, should I position it 12 inches or 4 feet above the rockwool? They recommend a 18 on and 6 off cycle for lighting during vegetation.

These instructions seem a little sketchy, so I was wondering if anyone with growing experience could give me some pointers.

24 hours on for veg. They stretch less and grow faster. The 400w is going to be hard on seedlings so I'd follow the guide and put it at 4'. When they get a bit older you can move it closer.
Thanks, Strain--
Video was very informative and I will be using as I grow for sure. Is an 18/6 light cycle also okay for veg? Just wondering if I can keep my electric bill down a bit. I have had the seeds in some wet paper towels for just about 24 hours and last I checked they looked like they had split open and I can see the beginnings of the white root peeking through. When I transfer these to my rockwool, I put the white root down and cover the entire seed with the rockwool, correct?
Using a 18/6 cycle won't save you any $.
24/0 grows plants faster than 18/6.
Yeah. Sorry bro. It costs about 6 cents for a 1000w light to run one hour. a 400w light costs about 2.47 cents per hour to run. Even over a 16 week grow time, It'll only save you about $6.62 total on the whole grow keeping the lights on 18/6. Better to just go 24/0, spend the extra 6 bucks and have better bud. The nodes will be closer together, that means tighter, fuller buds that are not spaced out along the stems.
i had that problem, buds spaced out and i used 24/0 with a 400 watt
best position for light after the first 3 weeks, and the seedlings are established? It`s a 400w HPS BTW.
I`ve heard wildly differing distances from 12" - 2ft.
cheers, apollogies for the hijack :)
ITS as simple as keep them as close as you can without heating the plants, and still be able to illuminate all plants


put your hand on top of the plants for 1 minute, if your hand feels hot, they are too close. if not, pu them closer and repeat till you get them good, measure the distance and follow for the rest of the growth..

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