Best strain/technique for restricted plant numbers

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Mar 31, 2011
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I have an 8x20 room with 6 600 watt air cooled lights, a CO2 generator, a few wall mounted fans to take care of hot spots, I grow in soil, and use General Organics with Snowstorm, Gravity, Whiteshark (microyze), and I supplement with compost tea...I have a separate veg room and I use 1000 watts of CFLs. I've done seven or so :) indoor grows and I totally sucked in the beginning and I've been getting better my main problem was figuring out how far the lights should be from the plants and taking care of hot spots and canopy construction. The grow I'm doing is totally legal and we're limited to a certain number of plants per patient and certain number of patients so I'm maxed out at 12 flowering plants could maybe get one more person and push it but would rather not.... My problem is this.... electricity is very expensive and so is rent so to make it worthwhile for everyone involved I need to get at least 150 grams per plant preferably 200... The most I've gotten is 90 grams per plant with White Rhino.. Because I have a separate veg room going I can potentially veg for 10 weeks while the flower is going so I can get them pretty big.... I've heard people talk about getting very large yields upwards of 200gms with AK47 so I know it's possible I just don't know what the tricks are... I have some experience and I've googled some so I know a lot of the basic tricks..
long veg time, big wide pots (10 gallon or more), and using trellis or stakes to lay down all the branches so they grow many, many, "tops".... but, I'm hoping someone here at MP can offer some insight on how to grow large yields with restricted plant numbers....200gms per plant would be more than awesome for everyone involved.. Right now I have access to white rhino and I've got a good purple strain that's an above average yielder in the veg room... I wouldn't be opposed to buying some seeds if someone thought that a different strain might help..... Thank you very much for your help....
This isn't something that I think about a lot, but I understand that a Sea of Green is ideal for quick yields with practically no vegetative time. So, if you have smaller plants with short flowering periods this might produce more in the long run, because you're able to put more plants in and have a faster turn-over. You won't, however, get as much weight per plants as you would for bigger plants. But the bigger plants take longer to grow with a much longer veg time. With a SOG you put the plants on a 12/12 schedule right from the get-go, cutting out most of the veg time.

It is easy to find strains with relatively short flowering periods.
My friend, with all that equip, you should be outdoing me BIG TIME, yet I am outperforming you with much less. It sounds like something is wrong here, or you're growing very low yield plants? eta...this is not a slant at you, just saying that you should be kicking my tail, seems like there's an issue.

Try Train Wreck, she's a big producer with a good taste. I got 10oz from my very first plant, a Kandy Kush from Reserva Privada...AWESOME smoke, great taste and wow, what a high! I grew that one to 6+' though...
Rocksters cheese is supposed to be a big yielder.

One thing I'd think about is what type of high are you searching for? Since all are legal, are you growing to fight a certain ailment? Looking for knockout or daytime smoke?

The setup I'm building now will house a mother, clone space, veg space for a dozen cuttings and flower room for the same number. Depending on the strain, I can harvest every 5 weeks with my Tahoe, about every 4 with my Cinderella. If I want to split that in half, I can change to two 6 plant sites and two res's instead of a dozen plants and 2 res's.

Root the clones, veg till about 8 inches and then move to flower. During the last 3 weeks of flower, start your new clones, and by the time you finish flowering, your next batch will be ready to go in as you harvest.

Hope that helps some.
The yield per plant really does not tell us anything--what was your total yield with your 3600 watts? Also, strain and growing methods are not going to change your yield much if your space is not dialed in. We need to know more about your grow. However, for starters, you are really underlit. A 160 sq ft space requires 800,000 lumens--you have between 480,000 and 570,000 lumens depending on your bulb. CO2 enhancement needs enhanced lumens (and other things) to be effective.

If plant count is a concern, you cannot run Sea of Green (SOG) or veg when they are 8" tall. You need a good long veg.
I was all over the place a short while ago.
My plan was to run continual harvests with ebb & flow but it just didnt work out, I had far too many plants in a small space so I changed things around and now use RDWC with 12 plants.
I harvest 3 plants every 2 weeks and since the switch, each harvest has got better with the last Blue Cheese I chopped giving me 5 ounce dry. The first gave me around an ounce.
Anyway, my routine is taking cuttings every 2 weeks and having a setup that means I now veg for between 8 and 10 weeks, longer if needed but the plants going into flower are much bigger, 2ft+. As my garden progresses I will be able to cut down the number of cuttings I take and give my plants a long veg time, including a bit of topping or fimming.
As you are restricted to 12 flowering plants, I would suggest giving the plants much much longer in veg, up to 10 or even 12 weeks since you are not restricted on numbers there. Set up a "production line" to give you harvests every few weeks. Also investigate SCROG's as some monster yields can be achieved with this technique.
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