BIGGER YIELD (SOG): 60 x 1gal. pots vs. 28 x 3gal. pots ???

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Jun 11, 2005
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Say someone had a 4' x 8' indoor growroom with good ventillation and 2 x 1000 watt lights, one halide and one sodium. Growing in soil.

What would yield more" final product " ???

60 plants in 1 gallon pots? Or 28 plants in 3 gallon pots.

Only have 60 days to flower (before lease is up and has to move) and the plants are 6-12" tall. Should this person do 60 plants in 1 gallon or 28 plants in 3 gallon ???
how bout 20 plants in 5 gallon pots for more root space and bigger yeild
I don't have any 5 gallon pots and I couldn't fit 20 of them in my 4'x8' room.

I went with 28plants in 3gallon pots.

The plants are all 8-12" now, Will the plants get bigger if I begin flowering the plants at 8"-12" ? Or will they all stay at 8-12"??? I don't have a lot of time and need to begin flowering IMMEDIATLEY if I will be able to finish.
Sexually mature plants (alternating nodes) generally double or triple in height during the first 3 weeks of flowering.
I don't have any experience I can relate how much they stretch if flowering is induced before they are sexually mature, but my bet is about the same.
ye my plant double in size in the first 2 weeks of flowering...vertical growth slows down substantially after that as buds start to plant was around 1ft tall when i began flowering too
plant size will doudle, if not triple in height during flower.
if space is a problem try some "LST" and tie them over,even at a 45 degree angle:if trained well enough.try not to split the branch,by stretching too far!
Happy growing all members and guests at MP.lets role a fat one:smoke1: :48: :welcome: :bong2: :fly: :guitar: :stoned: :cool:
You're plants are still pretty small so I would go for the 1 gal pots. Cram them in there and get everything you can out of those little buggers. Thats one of the fastest ways to grow too.
I read that you can actually get more from many 1 gallon pots then fewer3/5 gallon. Time just a guess maybe 10 weeks.
hahhh i bet yaa i ca get more out off Stoney EBB and FLow sytem :)
i would go with manyone gallon pots more plants more buds but if cought i rather be catch with few 5 gallon ones
that dont mean nothing folks will still read-it and learn from it
I at least hope you all got some entertainment value outta that.
Get the 2007 Jan. Hightimes Master growers guide. There is a 4 page article about growing in 2 gal. pots and 1 gal pots....

It shows a pound yield every 50 to 60 days and the entire set up.
the guy who wrote it is probably dead,never mind his crop! I didn`t see the date either. LMAO:bongin: :bugger: :fly: :rofl: :joint: :stoned:


That grow turned out great - I have since switched to that style ONLY.

in 1 gallon pots you can fill a 4x8 room with about 60. picture 60 15" plants (I tied them down, maybe 6 colas each).

I got over 2 times my previous yield. I pulled about 1-2oz a plant, just huge dense colas. BY FAR THE BEST WAY TO UTILIZE YOUR LIGHT SPACE. gotta go...
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