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Mar 4, 2006
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i just recently decided to start growing, i plan on growing 2 plants under a 250w mh for veg. and a 250w hps for flowering. i was planning on making a grow box (4'H x 2'w x 4'd) out of some heavy duty cardboard and line it with aluminum foil. i know its ghetto but its what i have. any suggestions?
Cardboard and aluminum foil with HIDs is a fire waiting to happen. You can get a cabinet painted white at lowes pre-made cheap. that will work a lot better. Or hit around yard sales. spring is right around the corner.

with some investment you could do something like this.

If you must use foil then remember dull side out. Or got to wal-mart and get a space blanket. there a dollar. check out this thread for other things you could use other than foil.
hell no dude ,dont use cardboard ,like mutt said it will catch on fire,plus fall apart from water spills .probaly tumbling over your plants and killing them
Yeah, nevermind it'll fall part when it gets humid, there's no way to make it sturdy and it's pretty lame. If you have a drill, you can go to Home Depot and buy some particle board and make one. Or, hit a yard sale. Don't use cardboard though.
thanks for the advice. i was also wondering about fertilizers, i have liquid fish emulsions (5-1-1) and liquid seaweed (0-0-1), im not sure if i should use these separately or mix them together and if i should use either of them with seedlings.
seedlings seldom require any ferts for about two weeks. Then, 1/2 recommended strength.

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