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Jan 18, 2011
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hey people,

not been on here in a while since I finished my first grow, ended up getting 20 grams off dried bud in the end. was really good stuff.......thanks to everyone on the forum who helped me out.......been doing a second and its been going really well except I have had one lowryder hermie on me and I have noticed some bugs about.

There doesn't appear to be any damage done to the plants but there are these small about 1-2mm size bugs that have wings (I am not sure if they can fully fly i've seen move about abit though) I think they are living in the soil. I've looked on bug sites and google but i cant work out what they are

I've attached some really poor pictures....my camera isn't so great

hopefully someone will know

thanks in advance

edit - added photos

could be fungus gnats.. is your soil wet for long periods of time? or anything else holding moisture?
slowmo77 said:
could be fungus gnats.. is your soil wet for long periods of time? or anything else holding moisture?

My guess too. Sticky yellow traps, cover top of pot with fabric and avoid overwatering. They seem to hatch out of compost in some store bought soils, I had alot of them when I used Miracle Gro Organic. Not a big deal. Good Luck!
thanks for the quick responses people.....I think you might be right.....soil is damp often (I haven't been overwatering though I dont think) + I have been using store bought soil mix

plants are doing so much better this grow.....shame about the hermie

P.S I have added the photos now.....forgot before!
Sand on the soil, potato wedges....there's a few ways to battle those pests!
fungus gnats are 'usually' a symptom of over watering. They "require" moist conditions in order to incubate. Allowing your soil to dry thoroughly, will drastically reduce their ability to reproduce.
Diatomaceous Earth is the absolute 'end all' for a gnat infestation ;)
hey guys thanks again for all the advice will try and watch the water level....
Water the plants until fairly saturated, then let dry out until almost bone dry again (a few days is not uncommon)...then repeat!!! The roots love the air this brings in...and the lake of water makes them stretch out in search of water when drying out, making the plant stronger and healthier!

When you have the gals watered well, lift the pot and note the heft of it...then check it when dry and note the difference. This helps to know when to water (when they're light, time is right). Another way is sticking finger in up to about knuckle, if wet, leave alone. If dry, water on!

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