BW's Blu-N-Bed-grow

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Mar 29, 2005
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hey guys, starting a full grow log on Blu-N-Bed. I started germinating 2 seeds tuesday and they were both properly germinated today. I planted them near my purple powers, straight into the richest soil you can imagine :D. Will occasionally feed them with guano. Now, because i couldn't pregrow them like my PP's i had to make markings to tag each seed, so i can see where i planted them and which strain they are.


boingboing, here are my BnB's taken yesterday evening, all 2 of them germinated and ready to grow big



Loser? I don't think you realize who you're talking to! Brain could outgrow most people anyday!! You don't talk to a PRO like that man!
don't worry ntc, i don't care what he says, he's probably a newbie and doesn't know what he's talkin' about, if only he would dare to say that in my face, then he would know my answer quick enough to realize he's talkin' to a pro. I bet he doesn't even have the guts to grow outside or even inside. Lots of talk, but no actions. who's the loser now?

cripman or whateva his name is, the actual message has been deleted by the administrator.

god damn faggots there should be strick rules in order to become a member of marijuanapassion!!!
aaaaaah, guys, don't worry, i think MarP allready has taken care of the problem.

sorry i cant spell worth a damn, diatemetious (dia te me chus) earth, is available at many nurserys and grow shops, ive had some success using it. this year i filled up some of those round slurpie cups w/it and sprayed neem oil all around the plants. the slush lids had to be removed once the plants grew a bit, but they really seemed to do a good job keeping the slugs and bugs at bay. i only recomend this crap becuase it is a natural product, is non toxic, and is cheap. the stuff i bought was under the name Insect Stop.
neem oil is very effective stuff, only problem, i can't find overhere in Belgium, anybody know where you can buy this stuff?

the problem is, most of these products can't be send outside canada or the US, a friend of me tried to ship neem oil to me, and the postoffice didn't want to send it.

hmmm thats a drag, i know aggricultural oils come in a few different varietys, they all impede the development of the nymph stage of bugs, but i dont know if they have that odd repelling stench neem oil does. in canada they cant even say neem oil is for bugs, they have to call crap like..leaf shine spray. or pay agriculture canada a buckets and buckets of cash. ~greedy Govt.

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