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can i be fooled by first glance


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Feb 19, 2006
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can i be looking at a female ,even though it looks like a only in 9 days of flower i can say for sure 3 out of 10 are males ,to many balls,and one female .the others are questionable,4 to five tiny tiny not sure what it is a male female hermie,on one plant the outer fan leaves turn yellow ,i heard when that happens they are using energy and sugar for the buds ,but i cant even tell the sex of the other five ,i knew when my temp raised to 110 for two days strait , that had caused stress and turn them to male .


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Feb 20, 2006
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I'd ask the others to post a reply as well. If it's in question, tear that **** up and put it under your neighbors windshield wiper and call the cops or MMilitiaR.

110 is pretty hot hot hot. I don't know if temperature would change sex? Anyone else have some insight?

Am I allowed to ask for clairification on your post. when the leaves turn yellow it could be for a few reasons. If this happened to me, this is what i would do. I'd cool it down in there and give it a few days. If the yellow doesn't start to turn green (it more than likely wont) and the leaves are in-fact, completely yellow, I'd cut them off and let the other leaves try and compensate as much as they can. I may be wrong, but all leaves will eventually be fan leaves? I just cut all my fan leaves and the smaller ones stepped up and took on over. I cut them because they were YELLOW. When a plant uses energy it creates "sugar" (actaually carbohydrate) and the flower stores that sugar and this is how a bud is created.

One carbohydrate is CH2O. Keep in mind that during photolysis, water seperates into H and O.

Ready for this. nCO2 + nH20 + green plant and light, create (CH20)n + nO2

figure that out....

I'm saying, if your **** is yellow, you're missing part of the equasion. So.. hope that the rest of your leaves make up for your yellow ****. If the yellow doesn't turn green, cut them so the light can get to the green leaves so they can complete the equasion above.


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