can you tell me what this is

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Ive just begain to grow a batch of plants and iam relatively new to the game. I have about 20 healthy plants that seem to be doig fine. Two of the plants sprouted with three leaves(rounded ones). so far it has added two more sections, the firstset has one leaf, then three on the second set. ive never seen three leaves before and am wondering what this means. so if anyone can help me i would be grateful.
Yeah the first couple nodes are like that..... Mine started with 1 thin to 3 thin to 5 thin to 7...
Hick said:
I bet that plant is ashes by now... :p


It's great to know there's been a lot of people going through old threads, but seriously guys, check the dates first before responding lol.

Mal C
HAHA OMG 2005!! definately ashes by now! xD, well...was it good? lol did it go well?

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