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Cannabis side effects


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Oct 13, 2019
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Almost non existent drinking. I find that I am feeling good the next day. I sleep better and longer. My insomnia is gone. I exercise more and have more stamina. I enjoy music more. PTSD effects are easier to manage. Family life has improved.

I can't put it to cannabis effects, but I have more spending money. Growing is cheap once the sunk costs for equipment are paid. But I enjoy being home and spend less because of that. We have to isolate for family health reasons. Cannabis makes that enjoyable, not a burden.

Negative effects are controlling dose amounts. I am a novice again. Stuff is stronger now. I haven't learned how to fine tune control yet to the new stuff. It puts me to sleep when i overdo it.

I re-read the original question. I'm not a heavy user if weekly amounts are the criteria.
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Jul 20, 2020
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Stuff is stronger now
it’s just my opinion but I disagree , stuff is not stronger today than let’s say , 40 years ago

some flavors are strong , purple Paki , herijuana , some c99’s

but I have yet to find any flavors like I had in the 60’s , some strong weed back then , one joint passed around to 4 people and everyone got high as a kite and we all laughed our butts off , not for 30 minutes , but 2-3 hours

same with Lebanese blond hashish , a small chunk about the size of a bb , it burned real slow like incense , pass it around to 4 people and same results , BAM! ..stoned to the bone

but it’s also my opinion that set and setting , time and space , personal circumstances , all have an effect on ones level of highness or being stoned

as a long haired hippie living in the 60’s in Southern California , that time and space can never be recreated no matter how hard I try , I will never experience that level of highness never again ...never , I cannot recreate the past , I can never bring back all those past dynamics to this space and time , and I’ll never feel that way ever again

don’t get me wrong , if I reverse my thinking , at this stage in my life , getting high can be just as rewarding of an experience now as it was when I was a teenager , just in a different way

just my 2 cents this morning

have a groovy day



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