Can't get a deep breath

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anyone else cant take a deep breath??

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Mar 21, 2005
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i have been smoking weed everyday a couple times a day now for about a year, and now i cant take a deep breath, anyone else have the same problems? I use to not get this but now it came all of a sudden and ive had it for about a month and a half now.Anyone even heard of this?
i try not to but i do sometimes, i think i am going to take a 2 week break til my spring break trip just to give my body a little break. im not doing any other drugs except i drink but that shouldnt really do anything. i think i do have a little asthma
you may want to see a doctor. sounds like asthma to me. i hear weed is supposed to help ppl with asthma by opening up the bronchule passages or something like that. maybe you should check into a vaporizer to smoke your weed with.
those things cost mass money for a good one
ya a vape would be cool but i heard its like a body high i havent tried one yet, but my friend just bought one so ill try that soon. im just waiting right now a half hour more and im going to sneak out and smoke with a buddy of mine. i take steam rooms cause i work out at my gym, im guessing thats kind of how the vape is. i have an inhaler and stuff, but i play soccer for my highschool, so i mean i cant have that bad of ashma, but it gets kinda scary at times

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