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Nov 26, 2005
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Hi Guys,
me again. Was wondering if i cloned a clone of a clone of a clone? say 3 gen down. (strictly CLONE) Will bud production yield less? and would it be less potent than original plant? Reason i am asking, is i accuired some new clones. But i dont know how many gens down the line they are?
Doesnt matter how many generations there are, Ive known people to keep certain strains going for years at a time starting with one female plant and the yields were always good
Marijuana is an annual plant, meaning it complete's it's entire life cycle in less than 1 year.

Nowadays, through light manipulation (and better nutrition and environment), we can keep a plant in veg indefinately.
However, that does not change the factb that the plant was designed, through millions of years of evolution, to live less than one year.

When you take a cutting for a clone, the resulting clone is still part of the donor plant. The donor plant is not a "mother", since no reproduction takes place. A clone is still part of the original plant.
And a clone from a clone from a clone is still part of the original plant.
Some strains can 'adapt' to this. Others lose vigor over time.

I've had experience with both types. Nowadays, to avoid finding out the hard way if the plant will eventually , I bud out a donor plant after 2 years and start a new donor from seed.
Yes, you lose the exact replica of the original plant. But I like variety. And while there are certain strains which I'd LOVE to still have, a lot of my fave's I never would have discovered if I had stuck with just 1 strain.

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