co2 Carbon Dioxide

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May 29, 2005
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2:D hi
is any one has tried to yous dry ice or soda water
for increasing co2 (Carbon Dioxide) level in hydroponic systems

i dont think dry ice is too effective, it's too costly and will evaporate quickly.
CO2augmentation is more involved than most people believe.
The CO2 must be administered ABOVE the plant (since CO2 is heavier then "air"), and you need a sealed environment, and a way to determine how much you're adding (too much is as bad as too little). The only way you can do this is with an atmospheric ppm meter; last time I checked they cost $500.00.
If you want to augment with CO2, about the only way you're gonna get any benefit is by spending $1,000.00 for a tank, regulator, emitter, ppm meter, fans and timers.

CO2 augmentation does not mean bigger or better buds. What is does is speed up vegatative growth by a week or so, depending on what kind of ventilation you have.

MUCH more cost-effective is to provide excellent ventilation (seperate powered intake and exhaust, cost about $20.00).

12 or so years ago I talked to a very experienced indoor grower.. I asked him if he had 1 bit of advice he'd give indoor growers, he said "more ventilation."
I thought to myself "what does he know" and went along my merry way.
And spent $1,000.00 for a complete CO2 set-up.
And now that equip. sits in my garage, gathering dust.
I got sick and tired of hauling that ******* tank over to the welding shop every 10 days to get it recharged. Instead I bought 2 bathroom exhaust-type fans from Home Depot ($10.00 each) and now there is a constant flow of fresh air in my growspace.

P.S. CO2 aumentation should not be done during lights out, and it provides no benefits past the first 3 weeks of flowering.
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