Colorado Pricing

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Hey all,
I've just got a couple of questions...

(1) What is the price of dank in Colorado?
(2) What is the price of schwag in Colorado?

I'm moving out there next month and need to know if I should take some with me to get rid of. Thanks for all the help
Take some with you for yourself. Dont sell to strangers. Dont buy from strangers.
weeddog is right, you can't be carefull enough these days, so watch out where you buy your shit, best way is to buy it from somebody you allready know, but remember, you can never trust a dealer you don't really know. i've been ripped off a couple of times and this made my mind set to growing on my own, is much cheaper too.

i live in denver, and i usually get $45-$50 for 1/8th ounce of some kind bud, and they are usually on the heavy side of 3.5 grams. that the amount i usually buy kb in.

for schwagg its usually $5 for a nickel bag, $10 for a dime, $20 for a twomp, $25 for a quarter, and the best ive gotten, was i was able to get 2 ounces for $40., the more you buy the cheaper itll get.

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