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WOW, weedhopper has got to you zem LOL Wonderful garden, you do amazing with what you have to work with..Thanks zem.


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Nov 7, 2008
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Nice Zem,,and stop stealing my Yehaaaaaaaaa, ,,,lol,,,,just playen.
Love me some peppers and tomatoes. Im hopping over and chewing onem.
Are those cardboard boxes your growing in?


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Dec 6, 2009
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Thanks Rose I am glad that you liked it, WH the dead hanging plants are cukes that i finished only a week ago. Those are cardboards lined with polyethylene standing on iron bars that are used in drywall construction, raised on brick and below is a long res that goes all the width of my greenhouse passing under each row of plants. rows are flooded and drain into the res just below. I know the place looks not all that neat, or shall i say not neat at all lol but it was done for dirt cheap, i mean cardboard cheap lol anyway, it supplies with more than i need from one type of vegetable and i have only 3 main reservoirs so 3 main crops, one day i will diversify much much more with less quantity of each


Dec 29, 2016
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Whenever I make compost tea outdoors I usually just dump a shovel full of compost in a 5 gal bucket and scoop off the stuff that floats. Then I throw in a tbs of molasses dissolved in a glass of hot water, and throw the goldfish pond air stone in for good measure. Stir it 1-2 times a day and dump it liberally after it's aerated for 3 days. Or I might dilute it. The stuff is incredible, some years I get a super bumper crop of blackberries, other years it might be another veggie that shines. You can't burn with it, and the molasses feeds beneficial bacteria. I make compost out of whatever scraps I get in the yard, brown leaves, green leaves, dirt, water, turn it, and it's good in 8 weeks or less. Sift it with a trommel and put the big chunks back in the pile. If you don't have an air stone just mix well and dump, I've done that too if I'm lazy, works a treat.

I don't use manure as I can't usually get it, but you can get a big bag of chicken manure for just a few bucks at a farm store. That stuff will burn tho and it needs to be composted for a good long time, like a year or two, and then even then be easy with it.

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