Computer speakers

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I bought a pair of Altec Lansing speakers with a big bass bottom, there electronic, you plug them in. Man they really really sound good, Right now I'm listening to James Brown's Prisoner of Love, Live at the Apollo, When I first got a computer thats all i knew how to do was steal music and burn CDs, MP3s,did that a couple of years befor i started to golf online!! I just had a big puff of train wreck, good med!! Had a home delivery yesterday lol I'm gonna go nuts tryin to figure out where i'm going next. we bought OG BLUE PURPLE KUSH SUPER LEMON HAZE CHEM DOG, lol, Plus my Mazar and a Buddy gave me a couple grams of trainWreck that was better than them all. It's raining so hard today this is it!! Stoned Tunes, Seek Up live at Red Rocks, I love this song, I'm not a huge dave Mathews fan but this song rocks!!! This canna cone is a treat, Chem Dog 1 Gram bad boy lol, even comes shrinkwrapped.


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