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Jul 26, 2014
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High everyone;

A couple months ago, or so I found this site - and love it! I too, live in the midwest, only up north where they used to grow Hemp for rope etc. ( the perfect cover for my small personal grows ) hehehe
I grow nothing but Panama Red here "seedlessly" when I can, and just for myself and have kept seeds since the mid "70's" growing it almost every single year since I was a kid - it was love at first taste! I used to kill off the male plants because if you didnt you were overwhelmed with seedy buds, now I'm down to just a handfull and, about well, 9 seeds left exactly. Every so often maybe about five years or so, I'd let a male and a female breed me some seeds and always had a ton of them, but I knew it would come a day when I ran short - too short now, for my liking. This next year ( I grow outside naturally ) I'll start them all inside again and transplant all the plants and just let them grow wild checking on them for bugs etc like I pretty much done all these years, except I'll leave all the males with all the females and get as many seeds as I can so I have plenty to continue on with my shinanigans again. In the past Ive found the Deer develop a taste too, which sucks, but I found if I just keep the electric fence on, they dont go in there anymore plus the dogs also help.

One day some kids from the city were out galivanting around the area hunting, "I think" found some Hemp plants ( just down the road from me next to the road along section line ) and pulled some up, then got caught by the Sheriff speeding home, who then towed away thier car with a back seat & trunk fulla Hemp weed and carted them off to jail lmao!!!! They must have thought they hit the jack pot or something - literally!
Anyway, a few weeks later after all was said and done and since this was all growing on and our property just down the road from us in an old pasture ( I knew this day would eventually come ) a mullet headed redneck of a Sheriffs deputy drove into the Farmstead all puffed up sticking out his chest with his hands on his hips started telling me, "in a not so nice tone of voice", that I will destroy all them Hemp plants so the city kids wont come back and pull them up. I started laughing right away, and told him thats like "impossible", they're weeds and if you kill them, they'll just grow right back up again - he said he didnt care, at which point, I said, well they dont bother me any so if you want them outta here - you do it, the things are all over the place and I rightly dont give a sh*t, I dont have the time or the man power let alone the money to pay for the fuel or spray and the man power, he interupted me and said, I'd hate to see your land get confiscated and see you get thrown in jail, I laughed and said, well if thats the case how about this, my niehboor, who is a State Senater,... they grow on his land more than they grow on mine - so, why dont you go tell him what you just told me too! Oh hell I said, here hes my friend, I'll just call him ( pulling out my cellphone ), he'll come over right now and we'll get to the bottom of this crap, the Sheriffs Deputy I think was at that point a little dumbfounded and then, a couple seconds later said in a "nicer tone of voice" that, thats allright, never mind but then said, just do what you can so this wont happen again "please" heading for his car. I snickered a little and then said, yeah - I'll get right on it, under my breath - like "fornever"!
Ever since then I havent heard a peep out of them or anybody else for that matter. lol Ya know, just 3' away from him drying on a chicken wire fence were about two or three ounces of bud he didnt see hanging there drying.
Like I said, the perfect cover!
Its ironic, I think this might be just another tale of Panama Red - maybe.:guitar:
Welcome, good story.
1971 in fort Riley Kansas a friend walked to town. On the way he picked some hemp and stuffed it in his pocket. Got picked up in town. Spent 30 days in jail. when he got back he was charged with being AWOL. All for **** weed.. Welcome from another old fart to.
An old guy huh ? In other words, an old fart. If that be the case, you need to visit "Curmudgeonland....Home of the Old Farts Club" in the Coffee Table section. Welcome to MP. Peace.
welcome to the site. good read :)

orange worm.. sounds like you got what we call budworms. they're actually moth larvae..
she comes and lays her eggs atop your developing bud, then they hatch later in the season, within the bud and chomp and crap all over and make a real mess :(

can be a disaster.. i hope they didn't hit you too bad.
Thnx for the welcome Kaotik,

Yea, I first noticed them little orange buggers many years ago, and it seems every few years or so they pop up.
We have Preying Mantis around here again, and I'm hoping I can catch one or two. If I can I'll transplant it out there on one of the plants I'm planning on harvesting.
If you can find those orange worms can you hand pull them?

Welcome strawberry!
I solved my bud worm problem by accident this year. I got a tick this spring that turned into a rash. I got to the doctor and had to take antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease. So I went to the feed store and got some flea ,tick, and grub killer. Spread it on my lawn. Then I saw a lot of moths flopping around. Hardly any flying around. And not a single bud worm this year. It seems that the moths hide in the grass during the day. last year it was an everyday duty to go out and pick them off the buds. Rosebud is right . picking them off works. but killing the mother moths works all year. And also got rid of the ticks.
Rosebud;....I only find them when I take apart a bud that has one in it - they're like hollow or something.
I'm thinking because of all these Bats & Chickens we have, that they might eat most of the bugs and Moths around here. We have a yard light, and that's where the Bats fly around at night and, then Chickens race over there to find any kind of bug underneath it in the morning for breakfast. I could be wrong about that, but I never have sprayed my plants for bugs. I do however, quite often spray for Skeeters with a Bissel Mosqeeter Fogger and oftentimes it slowly drifts out into and across the field - that might be helping.
Bozzo; we had Guenie Hens that ate them Ticks by the millions - every day, the Eagles, Hawks and Coyotes ate them all, so we dont have any left, but the Chickens are second to none for eating Ticks. Those Grubs you mention, we had them leaving dead patchs of grass in the front yard here for a long time and one night we noticed a Skunk out there digging up little holes looking for them. I always wondered what they ate. lol Anyway, we dug a couple holes out there a found some, so the wife asked at the Nursery in town what to get for'm and got some "7" spray, and that fixed that. The grass looks pretty good now and its been a few years. I dont think I'd want to spray my Ladies with that stuff though, there has to be something else out there thats safer.
I really do think Preying Mantis will attack any bug on its home turf, if you put one on a plant that is. Weve seen them jump at Hummingbirds while sniffing around the flowers before. They're some vicious little critters. Just imagine, you were as big as a Mantis is. lol Last night I asked the wife what she thought of the Mantis, she says that whenever we have them they kill the bees, Wasps etc around the flowers & house. And then I thought that yeah, I remember seeing dead bugs underneath the hanging plants above the porch. I decided to check into them on the net and found out you can buy them, all kinds of'm too, but they cost a fortune! The ones we have are the green ones with triangular heads. I have held one in my hand before, they seem friendly - I guess thats because I was bigger than he was. hehehe:yay:
I did not put it on the plants...I put it on the lawn . but if you have chickens, you probably done want them eating it.

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