Contest Time!!!

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Damn, it's going to be close to 1 lb in my 3x3. I will be dry trimming the 2 in the dry chamber Monday. Then I will weigh after 2 days in brown paper bags right before jarring.
Then we are just waiting on the Snow Leopard. I hope I hit 16 oz.
Chem 91 rolls in at 84 grams.
And our slightly seeded ECSD X Ogers (GRRRR) comes in at 80 grams.
So we have 172 grams PLUS our previous weight, (204 grams) we have a combined total of....
376 grams, or 13.42 ounces.
1 more plant to cut and dry...Snow Leopard. I am going to be VERY close to the 1 lb mark.
@Flower @WeedHopper @CrashMagnet @Lesso Sorry guys, you are not headed to the final round. But thank you for participating!!!
Final weight should be in tomorrow evening!!!

I haven't been as active on here...I am so freking busy. When does this rat race stop!!!? LOL.
I do make my daily rounds though so don't think I am not here.
I wish I could be more involved.
Hope you all have a great evening. Till tomorrow evening!
yep , that sounds a lot like here

especially when we have 10-20 % humidity…stuff really drys quick and ya gotta be on yer game so it dont get to dry to fast

its a wonderful dance
I can keep my humidity pretty much as I want it so the 7 days hanging, two in a sack works for me......then a minimum 30 day cure. The actual cure depends on the density of these buds.
Final results are in!!!!

Unfortunately Snow Leopard had a lot of seeds along with the ECSD X Ogers plant.
But all in all I cannot complain. I still hit my 1lb goal.

Snow Leopard came in at 137 grams.
Which is a grand total of.....

513 grams!!!! 18.32 Oz in the 3x3 tent.

As I predicted earlier in the thread.... @JoseyWales is our 519 gram guess WINNER!!!!!!!
Congrats!!!! Looking forward to making you an awesome piece!

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