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Hungarian Gypsy

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Jun 2, 2011
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Hi everyone! I've been researching this thing called Whorled Phyllotaxy. It fits the description of one of my plants and supposedly it's not uncommon. I saw a thread about this from about 2009, but I was wondering if any of you have ever had this happen. :shocked: And if so, what was your experience with it. Thanks.
There has been a cpl peeps here with that....I cldn't name them off the top of my head though. Someone will pop in with the info.
I have had one and sure wish it had been female, i have heard they are usually male. Beautiful plant, no problem, just the maleness. Good luck!
1st grow1.jpg :eek:
Yeah I heard that like 95% of them turn out to be males.....UGH!
Ive had one, yes, male.
So annoying because it was fascinating. Almost like half a siamese twin.W
I am not sure that that is a whorled phyllotax. All the ones I have seen have 3 sets of leaves.

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