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The Supafreak I pollinated with the reversed female "looks" very pregnant, but all the bloated bracts I've checked are empty. They are swollen as if there is a seed inside, but don't actually have one. The unpollinated SF doesn't look at all like that.

Here's the pollinated female with pics of some of her bracts. Is it possible the reversed pollen is somehow sterile, but still causes the bracts to swell? Supafreak indeed...


Went out and chopped the reversed female. I stuck the trimmed branches in the fridge in a pizza box to dry. I doubt it's any good, but I may try it again, maybe on a freak show instead.

As soon as the females are done, hopefully sometime next month, I'm going to switch to creating a bunch of regular auto seeds, not sure which yet, and plan to use them to convert the SF instead of the ruderalis plants. I'm not having much luck with the Rudys. They have few nodes, tiny buds, and I'm told the resin contains mostly CBD.
The flower room turns out to be infested with thrips. I thought I had killed them all, but they managed to survive. I have sticky traps setup, and they have been clear for weeks. But a few days ago I took the (not) pollinated SF plant out to look for seeds, and some adults apparently escaped into the shop area.

I have 12 tomato seedlings, and the little bastards dropped eggs on 7 of them. The adults are dead, though, and the eggs covered in spinosad probably won't even hatch. I just have to figure out how to clear the flower room without dealing with another round of thrips.
Pretty sure I took care of the thrips. A combination of spinosad spray, DE spread on the top soil, and an army of yellow sticky traps seems to have taken them all out of the main room.

I also bagged the plants I had in the infested flower room and carried them outside to chop them. If I brought any back into the main room, the sticky traps got them. Finally I cleaned the room completely and bug bombed it.

The SF plant I pollinated with a reversed female's pollen has swollen calyxes, but none of the ones I checked have any seeds. I boxed up the buds and stuck them in the fridge to dry. Fridge drying in pizza boxes is quickly becoming my favorite method. It's quick and the buds come out smelling almost as strong as when they went in.

The mother clone is ready to chop too, but I discovered the buds are so sticky the bowl trimmer doesn't work. The buds just roll up into a single gooey mass. The scissors are getting clogged really fast as well, and even my gloves stick to the buds and tear within a few minutes. I will try coating scissors and gloves with Pam next, but probably not today.
You been super busy. Sometime I'd like to try drying in the fridge. I need a bigger fridge.

What's the Pam for?
A couple of days without the auto water pot made it a lot less gooey. RH in the tent was never over around 55%, so it must have just been guzzling all the free water from the pots. But whatever the reason I was able to run it through the salad bowl trimmer tonight without too much trouble. I did use some Pam on the rubber fingers which might have helped keep the buds from sticking together.

I never noticed before, but the buds on the lower branches were larger and denser than the ones at the top. Wish I had gotten some pics of the lower branch buds, but I wasn't think much beyond getting done tonight.


I had given up on the reversed SF providing any pollen, but left the buds in the fridge to dry anyway. I just remembered they were in there and discovered they do have some pollen. They were just too green for collection...



The Supafreak I moved outside earlier this month is trying to flower. It has a few pistils, but I doubt it will go much beyond that before it starts revegging. I'm wondering, though, if I pollinated those pistils, would they produce seeds? I have all that pollen from the feminized SF that I collected too late to use on the intended clone. Is it worth trying to use it on the one outside?
Agreed with Jan. I would certainly try it. I am pretty sure I got some seeds from revegged clones a few years ago(my soda can clones of my Old Fogey Sour Grapes). If I recall correctly, some of those seeds dropped into the soil and sprouted mid summer so they were viable. I didn’t grow them out and they weren’t from feminized pollen so I don’t know how the plants would have grown.
It's been three weeks since I noticed the SF sitting outside in flower. I thought it would be revegging by now, but nope. It's still growing new pistils. This is from a week ago, but the pistils were starting to darken when I checked it this morning.

I also used a ton of feminized pollen on it two weeks ago and was expecting to see some seeds starting, but so far I see nothing resembling seeds. The Supafreaks are weird, though. I'm still hoping to see some before the end. If not, when the buds finish, I'll probably just cut them off and see what the plant can do the rest of the summer.

My GDP Autos are late starting to flower. I see some preflower signs, but so far no indication they are going to start flowering. I'll give them another couple of weeks. I just need one male to pollinate the Supafreak living in the tent with them.

I'm also wondering if stress from pests could be slowing their progress. This started happening recently, and I couldn't figure out what it was. Last night I went through every plant carefully, and found a single June bug hiding out in the Supafreak plant. It was apparently living on the SF, but dining on the GDPA plants. Hopefully, I got the only one.

I was told earlier this week I am going to be furloughed for the summer, probably at the end of the week. Our two largest customers are way behind in paying invoices, and the company is running out of cash. So no (required) work, but insurance paid. I couldn't be happier, though I am worried about my wife's growing list of "little" projects she wants me to complete, "so I won't get bored" We have started calling it a trial retirement run with all the benefits of being retired and almost none of the risk : )

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