dadgumm hermie

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Just something I thought I would share.
I grew some donated seeds from another grower. I have the veg space, he doesnt so when it came to flowering time, it went over to his place and i kept a load of cuttings.


The plant is now dead, chopped and hung. My friend isnt a happy camper, having to clean his tent out. Thankfully, there was only 1 other plant in there.
The question is, what to do with the buds? As you can see, there are some nice crystals on them.
Should we make hash from them or will it just give us headache?
Do I kill all the cuttings?

if all the cuttings came from the hermie, i would def kill them all.
Thanks to whoever changed the title of this, I hit send before I changed it.

Thanks guys, I guessed killing them was the way to go, all 6 now dead. Such a shame since it was developing into a nice little plant but I dont want them ruining the rest of my garden.

I have the plant drying out just now in my garden shed, my plan is to make ice hash from it the next time I make a batch, Is this wise? The crystals are all clear as the plant was only 4 weeks into flower.
Peace W
Hash it up. I'd just do a butane run myself.
Hash or the dumpster.....those wld be my choices.

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