Does nebody kno?

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Sep 14, 2005
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Is there ne body who kno's how to get seeds if under 18?
thats what i did. I'm 16 and ive already succesfully ordered from im actaully waiting on my second batch from them right now too.
Can u giv me step by step on wat u did?
when it ask your age say you were born in 86/85 most places wont ask for proof
You guys can get site owners into allot of trouble if they ever get caught. It looks real bad on them to be selling to underage people. Intead of getting someone else in shit for your problem, just buy a bag of weed and take seeds out of that. Your not gonna grow great weed right from the start anyways. Use shit seeds to start and learn until you turn 18, then order some good seeds.

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