Drfting's 2013 Organic Outdoor Grow Show

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:ciao: Thanks ston. Heard you pulled off a good harvest, Congrats! :woohoo:

The chop is coming soon. Ill post bud shots when i do. Pink mama's did well, ill be running them again, even stronger next year.

I need some reference on strains. I will be looking for short flowering times, some sativa dominance, and good PM resistance.

Mandala Gear will be my staple next year. Will be running Satori, Mandala #1 and Hashberry. All of which have strong mold resistance. Also interested in their Purple Paro Valley and Chill-OM.

Still have some Dirty Dozen beans, Pink mama will have a strong showing again next year. Gooeybreeder gear also. Purple Mayhem and Kona Sunset. I had good stuff from these this year, and no bud rot from my run this year.

I even took a shot at breeding. A Blueberry x Purple Empress got knocked up by a coloful gooeybreeder-purple mayhem Male. Have a good stash of viable beans from this cross.

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