Droopy leaves!

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May 3, 2011
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I have 2 in bloom and three in veg. I just added water to my emily's garden type system yesterday and they both (in two totally different growing areas) have developed droopy leaves, no discoloration. The only thing I can think of is a newt issue. Nothing changed as far as the amount of nutes I add to both except I was at the end of the nutes in the bottle. I need to buy new ones this afternoon. I use general hydroponics. They are all still half strength and a teaspoon of hygrozyme which has worked well so far. Maybe all this is the issue because it is strange that both areas have the same issue. I hope its a nute burn due to the end if the bottle. Ph is 6.8, roots look great, air temp is 85 and the water temp is a about the same maybe a little lower. I mist them once or twice a day with water and hormex (a tespoon in a gallon). Lights are no lower than they have been for months. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I need to act on this before anything further happens. I am in danger of losing my entire crop!
I could be wrong on this but I believe yer problem is heat and ph. 85 degrees is a bit warm, especially if yer humidity is high and/or you don't use a circulating fan or exaust and replenish the grow room air. the best temp range is 70 to 80degrees with 40 to 60% humidity. Also yer ph is IMO too high. everything I've read and heard says that ph should not exceed 6.3 and is best around 5.8. From my experience, high temps combined with high humidity will make the leaves droop as if they aren't gettin enough water. That is because the high heat causes them to "sweat" and the high humidiy prevents them from "sweating", which in turn causes them to not drink the water. If yu can't easily control the temps then the next best thing is air flow. but definitely need to lower the ph also.:) others should chime in soon with other Ideas if I'm wrong.;) I hope this helps, hate to see a good grow go bad.:doh:
What is an emily's garden type system? If this is a hydro type system, your pH is way too high. For hydro, you will want to keep pH between about 5.5 and 6.0. Using the nutes in the bottom of the bottle should have no different kind of effect than the first of the bottle. Why are you running 1/2 strength nutes, especially for those in flower? Are you using the GH 3 part or the Flora Nova? Are you giving your vegging plants vegging nutes and your flowering plants flowering nutes (kind of sounded like you are feeding them the same thing).

As mentioned, your temps are too high also. If your res temps are 85, this is a problem. I would not mist them, especially the ones in flowering. This is just asking for mold. Do you have a ventilation system set up?
Forgive me for the PH error. It is 5.8. The Emilys is a hydro 6 planter 2 gallon reservoir with a formed cover. Very basic and simple. The nutes are all gh 3 part. I use for 2.5-2-.5 veg and .5-2-3 for flower. Before when I was running full strength it appeared I was giving them nute burn because the leaves were developing yellow tips and started to curl. I will cease to mist them. How do I lower the temp of the reservoir? I do have a descent ventilation system. It seems a little slimmier on the airstone inside than normal but rockwool looks good on top. Thanks again for your help!
I think there are a couple of clues in your last porting.
You mention misting, droopy leaves are normally associated with either over or under watering. In Hydro, the under watering is actually lack of oxygen to the roots. I also think that misting the plants is stopping them from transpiring (sweating) so effectively you are overwatering them, which is causing the drooping. Stop misting as you said and if you can, get more air through your air stone, the top of the res should look like it is boiling.

You also mention slimey roots, this is often caused by light getting into the res, does your system have one of those level indicator pipes on it? If so, tape it up, add a little Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to the res to try and solve or follow these instructions http://www.marijuanapassion.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2177

Green mojo for these issues and hope things get resolved. W

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