DWC plants tipping over/falling into bucket

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Ranek Icewalker

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Jan 15, 2011
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Anyone ever had a problem with their plants tipping over in DWC or worse yet falling into the bucket.

I bought some new net pots for this run, and didnt realize until it was too late, the net pots i used before had a much wider and Rigid lip, so my plants have started to fall over constantly, i tried to reduce the hole size with duct tape , but the plant is so heavy it falls through the lid into the water, this has become a serious problem since flip, i never had it happen until they started putting on buds.

They are 18 days into flower, and i have to adjust them or fish them out of the bin almost daily.

I know a transplant to a new pot is out of the question because the roots would never survive, so anyone have any tips as to what i can do to remedy this problem?

Bracing them with bamboo wont stop them from falling through the hole, which is the worst problem.

Thanks all, any help is appreciated
Tie the stalks to a piece of bamboo sideways across the top of the res. and Tie the top from falling over.

Just a idea
Thanks growdude, that was one of my considerations for the fall through, i guess i could make it a cross and she wouldn't tip over anymore.

I was nervous to put anything down low or prop her for fear of exposing the roots/water to light, this may help me avoid that if i can get it the pot sitting at a good level.
I had this problem when I cut the hole too large for the netpots so to remedy I got a piece of plastic, cut another hole in that, this time the right size and sat it over the "wrong" hole, then placed the netpot in it. Worked a charm for me
Put layers of duct tape around the upper portion of the net pot to make it wider to stay in the hole.
Thanks woody, its very annoying the roots are so large i cant lift the pot more than a inch out of the hole and the pot is ripping open from roots.

Thanks THG, that was the first thing i tried unfortunately it didnt work, i believe the hole is to large for that :(

I got em standing almost straight today, and they havent taken a dunk in 2 days, hopefully something suggested can work out
Careful with duct tape, rumor is it promotes PM. I used alot of it once and got powdery mildew, but it could have been in the room already as I forgot to bleach my walls before the grow. Can anyone confirm this? Anyways
Just my 2€ents

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