Ever have one of those days....

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Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to be going right, or one certin event turns shit upside-down in the matter of moments?

Today is No Exception to that rule....

Right as I left the house, turing onto the road the neighbor across the street decides oh i'm going to pull out as well going the same direction and no turn signal.. right as we had already turned out... I live on a main Highway... anyway so Him and his damn FORD POS almost hit the passanger side of the car... So we are drivin some more takin my friend to work, drop her off, drive back into meadville..... Traffic... and some fucker cuts me off.. meanwhile some old man decides now is a great time to walk across the street.... Stop at the store, pick up some gardening supplies (and i'm sure you all know what kind) The woman at the counter talks to me for like 20min before she rings me up.... Jabber Jaws..... anyway so get back in the car to go up to the gas station... pickin up smokes.. anyway get to the gas station and there are like 4 cars all doin god knows what in the parking lot blocking both entrances.. so i had to sit waiting on the road like a jackass to get in.. sat there for like 5 min. with a line of traffic behind me... Got the smokes... good news Buy 1 get 1..... so anyway... Start on my way to head to post office.... get to the road right before the post office a truck turing the corner almost hits the car as it was turning and some old woman was turning too and almost hit that truck... Get to the post office drop the letter into the chute.. woot! at least it didn't blow away or something.. So on my way home I was coming up to a red light and at another gas station someone was sitting with there turn signal on.. and tryin to get out.. so i thought what the hell i'll be nice.. there was a line of traffic ahead and behind me... so i let the screwball out.... he whipped out like his car was on speed and not only that but he had the wrong damn turn signal on... and there was a car behind that *******... i let her out.. anyway keep on goin up the road.. get like 3 yards from my house and some fucker comes speeding off a side road and almost side swipes me as i was drivin on by.. usually your supposed to stop and wait in the middle lane.. but oooo no not this fucker!... anyway so i get to the house... come in.. and i'm like what is that smell.... and i'm lookin and lookin and i shrug and then i find out what it is... One of my brothers kids (which my brother was supposed to be watching while we were gone.. not like he watches them anyway...) Spilled his Potty Chair....ALLLLLL over the bathroom!!!! and to boot my brother shruged and ecpected me to clean it up... OH NO NOT ME!!!!! i am so pissed... so here i ask.. could this day get any worse....

This is one of those days.. when smoking a blunt and getting blitzed out of my mind is totally needed..... Anyone have one of these kinda stories.. Share... Would love to hear it :)
Oh man...

You almost ruined my high man.

Ibinhittin my last crop o bigggggbud.

Hey you alright man.

I'm ok.


hey look I got all the dotsssssssssssss.
pranicfever said:
This is one of those days.. when smoking a blunt and getting blitzed out of my mind is totally needed..... Anyone have one of these kinda stories.. Share... Would love to hear it :)

Yep yesterday. Both my 3yr old, my 7 year old, and my better half got the stomach flu. Man it was gross.

As far as your road troubles. That is why I support the NRA. :)
I hope your kids feel better and get over the nasty stomach flu soon i know how it is. both my nephews one after the other got it about 2 weeks ago..

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