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Mar 29, 2005
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how many watts of floro do u guys think u would need to grow one or two lowriders in soil. do u think that shultz potting soil plus is a good medium or should i add more perlite? i was also wondering sense lowrider has autobloom can i just purchase a bloom nute and ignore the others?
Never grown it before. But I would think that you should be able to go straight to the bloom food. As for the lights, I don't use floros for flowering, it's not even close to enoguh.
I would only use the flos for vegging the plant myself. Come time for flowering they are not going to make you happy no matter how many you try to stack in there. Go with at least a 250W HPS if you want a decent yeild. As for the ferts....give them a good veg fert till you see them start to flower then switch to the flower ferts...same as you would any other strain. Now for the soil....Ditch ANYTHING shultz...it's bottom of the barrel crap if you ask me. Look for a good organic soil mix such as Black Gold or Ocean Forest by Fox Farms. I use the Black Gold myself with added perlite which gives good drainage and allows for oxygen in the root zone.
does anyone know good sites 4 lights besides dicount hydro

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