first attempt at cloning. DIY bubbler

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Feb 28, 2010
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just incase anyone cares i'll show progress. i took 9 cuttings. 3 super sour o.g., 3 quasar, and 3 strawberry delight.



looking good:aok:

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
We always encourage peeps to post pics:watchplant: I've never done a diy bubble cloner but it looks like yer water may be too high..looks like the cuttings are sitting in the water when the lid is down. That may be ok though since yu have the bubbler boiling good. Someone with more experience with those can correct me if I'm wrong.:eek: Do yu have any kind of rooting hormone in the water? I have a comercial cloner that is aeroponic and I use "Clonex" in it with good results.:)
Nice job tokin, tidy & clean.

Until the cuts have some roots showing, I always keep them submerged about 1", once roots are visible, I lower level so the roots dangle in the solution. Watch for them knitting together, I have had sweaters less tight than roots left too long in the cloner!!

G13 mentioned lights, the T5's are a bit overkill until roots are established, they dont need much light until new growth appears but they will certainly work, just watch heat. I get good results from a 13w single tube 2ft t5.

Just a point about solution, yes, Clonex is great, I use 1ml/l mixed with ph'd water, no nutes needed until roots show. I found no nutes rooted faster than with nutes but experiment to find what works for you.

I love DIY projects, so much more satisfaction than handing over cash for someone elses work.

Green mojo to get them roots growing. W
i just put a tiny bit of nutes in there. just a few drops of each. just to make me feel better. i had two of those t5's. temp wont be a problem. theres 1 inch of glass in between the lights and the cuttings and the ac unit is right in front of it aswell. the cuttings are about 2 inchs deep, is this ok?
:ciao: tokin

when I was useing the bubble cloner I found that the cutt rooted better when placed just above the popping bubbles..and my take on the light is they dont need much..Mine are done on the floor of my veg area in the shade of all the trees:D..and only thing I added to the water was super thrive

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:

take care and be safe
botttom of the cuts in the water is fine 8)...should take 7 - 9 days or so for roots to start but at 14 days or so they could be a foot long LOL..

Good luck and plain old tap water, (not wanting to start the old Tap vs distilled arguemtn LOL... considering your tap water is decent quality), bubblin real good will get them babies on their way 8).

Easiest way of cloning I have tried .

ALSO: When I made mine... I used 2 containers.. one clear and the other opaque... Opaque for the Resevoir and the other for a built in Humidity dome... just glue the 2 lids together and use the clear bottom to cover your cuts.... Keep the leaves misted down as much as ya are able too.
I noticed yu said the AC is directly in front of the cloner. Be careful not to make them cold. Clones do better when kept just warm and moist (85ish degrees and 75% humidity)
starting to see "root bumps". the stems are all purple. i've kept them really cold.


Is there a reason that you have kept them really cold? Clones root better when it is a bit warmer.
i just didn't really feel like moving it all honestly. seems to be working still. not saying it wouldnt work better at a warmer temp. just that its working at like 64. and the purple is kinda cool lol.
They're not rooted yet--root bumps are not roots. I would try and get it warmer.

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