Flavouring Ur Crop

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May 22, 2011
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Hows it going folks lookin to play around with my taste n buds anyone have any pointers on how i could and some flavour to my crop like 100% nat fruit juice or sugars anything will help thanks everyone
nothing will help other than purchasing strains that have natural flavours, jmo.
MrBobMarleyJr said:
ya thanks just thought id throw it out there

No problem, i was just being honest, fruit juice means ants, not flavour.
one of the first time growin indoors n just tryin to play a little thanks guys
I had a friend that put orange peels or apple slices in his weed but IMO thats asking for mold problems.
Try growing a Blueberry strain or there is a bunch of other fruity smelling strains. I personally love the Blueberry.
currently got bubblelicious and purp buddah goin hoppin for some nice taste outta thos
Pineapple Express is awesome, give it a try!

You'll get your best flavor with TLC, give the gals what they desire and they'll be sweet to you in return!
Ya I like the Pineapple too!! Good Stuff Nice taste.

Grow a Sativa Dom strain and play in the Harvest window. You can get some nice differences in the highs and taste from the same plant or plants.

LOL, I piss in my recycled soil and I think that adds some nice Taste!! lol
I bought one product from Advanced Natural Power, called Final Solution.

How they describe it:

The final step in the building block to success
· Flushes out the excess build up of nutrient and plants waste.
· Higher quality and increased yield
· Compact flowers
· Enhances a natural clean taste
· Helps prevent mould
· Use in the last week prior to harvest
· Ideal for indoor/outdoor cultivation. Excellent results on earth, coco, rockwool and hydroponic system.
· Do not use in combination with Advanced Enzymes+

It will be the 1st time i will use it, but ppl have told me great things about this product. It enhances the flavour :hubba: .
There is a thread somewhere here about adding moisture to buds by putting them in something like a tupperware box with a slice of bread, the moisture from the bread somehow ends up adding a little moisture to the bud. In the same thread, someone mentioned doing the same thing substituting fresh fruit, like strawberries for the bread to achieve the same effect but with flavour.
Now this may be a wind up and I have never had bud long enough to try it but in theory it could work.
Peace W
I did that with orange slices to add some moisture and flavor to some buds that I had a little too dry, and I think it helped a little but not much. It didn't make enough difference to me to make it a part of my routine. I get better results from more careful drying and curing.
just would wanna do fruit or some to long end up wit mold er somethin
I have grown quite a few that have been very fruity smelling but hands down SnakeBite from LSC is the fruitiest smelling strain I have ever grown, smoked,or seen. Like pineapples and fruit salad.

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