Flowering Heavenly Hash @ 21 Days

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Sep 19, 2005
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Here ya go people, sorry for the lag in pics but I've been busy! the plant on the right has grown incredibly since put into flowering, and the plant on the left isn't growing as big but is maturing faster, so looks like I'll be choppin the little sister down in maybe another 2-4 weeks, hard to tell as this point. Anyway tell me what you think guys!




Beautiful man. That is awesome.

Good luck with harvest. (what percentage amber trichs do you harvest at?)
Very nice looking plants insane.It won't be long now and the wait will be over,keep up the good work.
Man oh man! That's looking real nice. So much weed and so little time to smoke it!
Thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated! ;)

Mutt, I like to harvest when the trichs (and/or hairs/pistils) are around 50-70% amber. I also determine harvest time by the overall health of the plant and how fast and how many fan leaves are falling off.

PS Stoney Bud, theres always time to smoke it :D
great plant isane you stoney bud and b grunt have the best plants so far

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