Flowering Heavenly Hash

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Sep 19, 2005
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10 days into 12/12 and there's good news and bad news, but more good I think

Good news is that Im thanking the Ganja Gods that my biggest healthiest plant is female, unfortunately the runner up was a male, killed him, and the 3rd plant is female but suffered some nute burn and is doing well after 10 days flushing (feeling pretty stupid for making such a basic mistake, don't have to remind me thanks lol) last and certainly least the 4th plant also grew balls and signed its own death warrant ;)

All in all Im happy with the outcome, because eliminating the two males opened up a lot more space for the 2 ladies

I'll have pics up in the next day or two, just gotta buy some new batteries for the digi cam.
Here's the pics I promised. Like I said before I killed 2 males, and the other 2 are female. The big one is doing very nicely, the smaller one is a couple weeks behind due to nute burn. (I know... rookie mistake... No need for reminders thanks lol)






yeah I considered that but I don't want these plants to get much bigger in over all size, or I'll risk running out of space. (again)

I know keeping plants in smaller pots will reduce your over all yields, but I've seen some good yields out of small pots given the right conditions and so far Im pretty optimistic, but we'll see what happens.
they look real nice bro, keep up the good work.
Thanks bizzy! Check out my HH Flowering 26 Days and see how they are doing now, as these are old pics.

PS These are my heavenly hash plants that I asked you soo many silly questions about bizzy! Nice to know your efforts in trying to teach me something haven't gone by the wayside eh? haha thanks again bizzy!

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