Foliage reaching...

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Apr 6, 2009
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Should the foliage lay out flat or reach for the light? I think I would burn them if I put the 600w hps any closer. They're only 1ft away from the tops and still reaching. The lamps are on their first run.
how old are the plants? many plants will stretch during both veg and most of flowering. 1 foot away sounds about right for a 600w. I think they are fine mate :aok:
Ok. The plants are 3 weeks flower. I vegged for 8 weeks.
Depending on the nutes you are giving them, they can stretch all the way up to 6 weeks flowering. I wouldnt worry much, unless they get too tall to support :D
Ok thanks. I like your profile picture. The plant helps get you there!
thanks mate, Ive found a lot of inner peace through TM, and I recommend it to everyone :D
Happy plants' leaves will point up at the light, when they are really happy, this is how you can tell!
Normal. My greenhouse plants turn their leaves sideways to catch maximum sun.

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