Foliar Feeding

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May 22, 2011
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Hey everyone whats a good additive to add to my spray bottle for my girl while in flower??:D :smoke1:
Mildicide. Just kidding--foliar feeding during flower is a good bet for getting botrytis.
Fresh air would be good!
Seriously, I would not advise spraying once a plant starts flowering, you are asking for mould/budrot!
A friend uses this stuff he encountered in Aussieland he claims it has worked wonders for his plants but I am not convinced,,,,,,, yet!

Be careful with foliar feeds, they can inhibit root growth and bring mould problems. JMO W
I have to agree with PH. Once I start flowering I do not spray them.

During veg I spray with worm tea.:)
Ya feed them a glass of Warm Tea or Worm Tea.:D
I also recommend not spraying with anything at all if they are in flower. It is just too easy to get bud rot or mold.
Ditto.....I wld not spray your plants in flower at all with anything.
ferts for the soil, sunlight for the leaves and you can't go wrong ;)
I have foliar fed to correct a deficiency, but I haven't sprayed a plant with anything in over 5yrs.
I see no benefit, and as others say I would worry about mold.

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