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Maconha Diversiteit
May 11, 2011
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So not only have I never grown marijuana, I have never grown anything. I just want to know how exactly feeding the plants work. I have read all about 20-20-20 NPK and what not. But is it like you need to change the soil or does it come in some type of bottle that you apply to the soil?
Also if you guys dont mind me asking, how do I check my pH levels?

Thanks for reading even if you dont answer!
Check out the stickies, especially on nutrients. Decide on a growing medium (soil, hydro, soil less; etc.)

Since you said soil twice I'll go with that. Some nutes are fluids, some powders. I use fox farm trio, and for my soil grows, add the nutes to water, let it adjust (bubble for about 24 hours to make sure PH levels out) then I check the PH of the water, then water. Hope this helps some.

Best advice I can give at the moment is read as much of the stickied threads on each section of the board to get a better idea of what's involved. Asking detailed questions will usually get more responses. Welcome and good luck!
It's important to know if you're planning on growing indoors or outdoors. That will determine where need you go to read, read, read the stickies. From the way your questions worded, it's obvious you need to look around the forum here and start reading.

Keep asking questions. We may snicker at you in good fun once in a while if it's totally silly, but, trust, we've all been right there asking silly questions. At least I have--still do once in a while.

Good luck and don't forget to have fun.
Sorry I don't have much detail :(. Basically somebody said that they had 7 KB plants that he couldn't take care of and I had been talking about wanting to start growing. So without knowing the strain he gave them to me pre potted. They were already sprouted but hardly. Idk if the soil is pre fertilized or not.

I am using FSF lights (3 of them) for my 7 plants

Also I REALLY need to know how to check pH levels.

Btw ty for the advice!

Copy that in your prices on good meters.

I am betting you are using the wrong types of lights as well....CFL, floros are good for veg....HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights for flower...
3000 lumens a sqr foot for veg
5000 lumens a sqr foot flower

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