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Sep 27, 2006
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Im about to begin the germination process on my seeds and they will be going into hydroton in a should I germinate them? i was going to use the paper towel method but dont know if i can just place them right into the hydroton once they have begun to germinate. What to do?


Feb 3, 2006
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there are many ways to germ many and it really depends on what ur comfy with. I (when I have to start from seed) like to let seeds soak in ph balanced water with just a little (very very little) rooting powder. Let them sit in h2o in the dark in a warm area till they crack Once they have open some,I presoak some rockwool plugs (they have rockwool presoak product that I have used and have had good luck with) Shake excess water from rw Using tweezers I place seed in rw(be careful not to touch tap root) pick a little rw off of side of plug and cover hole the seed is in Make sure its not to much for the plant to push threw place in humidty dome put under flourescent lighting I like to check on mine a couple times a day I spary w/ph balanced h2o when it looks dry in dome.After a couple days u should see the little ones poke threw It is important at this stage to keep it moist in the dome not drenched but moist. Keep them in there till roots start to show on the outside of rw plug.There is no need to add nuts. until the leaves start to yellow (at that point a very dilluted nuts can be sprayed) You will want to start to aclimate the seedlings by oopening humitdy dome for a little while Keep close eye on them when dome is opened if they start to show signs of stress place dome back on.Once the seedlings get 2-3 " I place them in net cups with a small amount of expaned clay balls (just enuff to cover most of the bottom ) Then I put plug on the clays careful not to damage roots Then fill cup with with ecb till it reach the bottom of the top leaves on seedlings place it in dwc or whatever hydro system and start feeding schedule for the little ones Thats the way I like to do it Its pretty easy there are other ways but thats my way I wish u the best of luck.Check around and see if any1 else has a way that might suit you better Like i said there are alot of ways of doing this .This only 1 read more b4 u choose which way u like

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